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Our Mission at GNI

Our Mission is to create a global company recognized for our quality technical innovation and workable solutions to complex problems at an affordable price. With experience in customized software and hardware solutions, creating user-friendly technical solutions that will maximize simplicity, we have a solution for you!

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About Us

Today, GNI provides all of these services to a wide variety of customers including the U.S. Air Force (Air Force Research Laboratory and Air Force Test and Evaluation Center).  GNI has developed and Integrated Services approach to address the various technical, cost, schedule, and risk mitigation elements found in most IT projects.  Our management approach and our solutions are field tested over 20 years.  The GNI people-centric management structure fosters loyalty and creativity among our employees.  This contributes greatly to the success of the organization, and satisfying customer needs.  To protect client privacy, we do not publish our client list online.  However, all of our clients have great things to say about us.  If you are interested in our references, please contact us!

We specialize in:

-Case Management


-Logistical Support

-Acquisitions and Cyber

-IT Support

-Managed Services

-Remote Management

-Network Architecture

-Cyber Security

-Web Development

-Courseware Development

-Administrative Support

-Financial Management Support

-IV & V

-Project Management

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